Tips and Tricks for Lockdown Brides

Tips and Tricks for Lockdown Brides

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, many marriages have either been postponed or had to be cancelled. As there are no signs of ending the epidemic, many couples have begun to find many creative ways to get married, while ensuring the basic restrictions. This doesn’t mean that you keep your enthusiasm down for the big day, you can apply some tips and tricks so that you can still enjoy your wedding day.

  1. Do Some Research

Covid-19 pandemic is spreading all over the world, due to which many big and small marriages are being postponed or cancelled. Which gives you some bonus time to do a lot of research related to your marriage.

Look for some creative ideas for planning your wedding in the current scenario and try to find more and more options and explore your wedding decorations, makeup, music and various ideas.

  1. Work on your Wedding Invites

Wedding invitations play a big role because it is the first thing that is presented and showcases your wedding ideas. With the current situation, you should focus on e-invitation which is currently in practice. With the help of many online platforms, you can now easily personalize your wedding invitation card which can be in image or video format.

Try to experiment with different themes, quotes and other things as much as you can to make your wedding card special, you can also get some ideas from Pinterest. Always add some real-life content to your wedding card to give it a special look.

  1. Plan for the Bridal Shower

Since this is the only event for the bride's friends and loved ones to celebrate the upcoming wedding of the bride, you need to prepare for this event with extra efforts. Discover some great ideas with the help of your bridesmaids to plan your perfect bridal shower to keep you and your friends excited.

Keep some themes for bridal showers such as a pyjama party, which makes it more interesting, and includes some other stuff to help you enjoy silly games and party more with laughter.

  1. Try to Stay Fit

As your marriage has been postponed due to COVID-19, you have some time to get into the right shape. GYM’s are still not open to keep you fit but you can try some different options to stay fit. Consult a dietitian to prepare a diet plan, and follow that plan.

Get some tips and tricks from trainers or get some ideas from the internet, focus on free weight and high-intensity workouts.

  1. Learn Some Skills
  • Learn some self-bridal makeup
  • Try to learn some dance moves, and plan a solo dance for your special.
  • You can learn to play musical instruments or get some singing skills to sing a song for your Mr. Right.

As it is the right time to learn all these types of things and these additional things can make your wedding very special.


Take all these as an important task because when you have completed all these tips and tricks you will become closer to your wedding day and this free time will not come again.

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