Learn Self Makeup this Quarantine

Utilize Your Time and Learn Self Makeup this Quarantine

Nowadays every girl and woman has to look beautiful and to look beautiful it is very important to know the basics of self makeup which helps them to look more beautiful. As you may encounter some awkward times when you need to get ready for the party and no one is available to do your basic makeup.

I’d say that the majority of the industry is filled with self-taught individuals.

When we are spending free time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no better time than this free time that we can use to learn new skills. Because after quarantine your priorities move from personal to professional life leaving no extra time to learn anything new. So you should cherish this time and try to learn the things that help you in your awkward moments.

Why you should learn self-makeup on this Quarantine

  • It's a lifetime lesson

Whenever you learn something, this technique will always be useful to you and the self-makeup thing will always benefit you on your odd days.

  • Helps you learn colours fusion

Everyone can do basic makeup, but when you learn from an expert, they teach you the technique of choosing colours or shades that are best suited for you. So you can apply all these tips and tricks to make yourself more beautiful.

  • You can keep up with the new trend

Experts always teach you the latest makeup techniques and fashion trends that are trending in the world right now. As they have the best overall knowledge about the things that are happening, so they keep you updated with new trends.

  • This makes your free time useful

As you have enough free time in lockdown, you should use this time in the best way to learn new things. Learning self-makeup can be the best free time stuff that every girl and woman can learn in their spare time, to gain some additional knowledge that helps enhance their beauty.

  • Learn new Tips and Tricks

When you learn from experts they will always tell you the best way to do things that can be easy or difficult. But it always benefits you in learning new things that give you the result you always desire.

  • It enhances your knowledge and beauty

Women have always wanted to look beautiful but to enhance their beauty since makeup is a very broad concept, which requires you to learn self-makeup from a specialist.

  • How to blend makeup with your skin tone?
  • Which mascara and eyeliner should I use?
  • Which lip shade do you like best?

And many more questions come to your mind when you do your makeup. But after learning all the basic things from the experts, you can easily know these answers.

  • Gain expertise sitting at home

Lockdown has forced everyone to stay at their home. With the help of online platforms, you can gain expertise right from home.

Here are some ways you can learn to do self-makeup

  • Join digital Makeup Classes to learn from basic to advance level makeup.
  • You can learn Self Makeup by watching Youtube videos.
  • Read from a fashion and beauty magazine, follow beauty bloggers.
  • There are many other digital media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest etc. where you can get some tips and tricks about self-makeup.
  • Choose some good celebrity stylists, watch their tutorials, interviews and read their articles.

Things you should do to make yourself perfect

  • Start practising a lot and challenge yourself. It helps you find shortcuts and new techniques.
  • Watch a lot of videos and experiment with different types of looks.
  • Make sure you take before and after pics so that you know where to improve.


Do this, you’ll pick up tips and tricks, and you’ll start getting comfortable in your skills to move onto the next level.


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