Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas

5 Best Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas To Make Your Eyes Look Brighter & Bigger

Small eyes are cute. But most ladies want them looking bigger and brighter on their wedding day. From getting your smoky eyes to flicker with timeless beauty to topping them in vivid hues, bridal eye makeup makes you look beautiful and expressive at your best.

The zest of your eye makeup can make or break your appearance. So, it is very vital to ask the experts at the ladies beauty parlour to choose the right makeup for your eyes. We are here with some great ideas for bridal eye makeup to make you the show-stopper on your D-Day.


      1. Eyebrows

Pluck strays and wipe the hair covering the arches to outline your face up and tame your eyebrows. Focus on the ends of eyebrows and your arch while shading them. You will have some edgy looks and appealing frame to elongate your eyes.  


      1. Cut Crease Makeup

This type of eye makeup is the best choice to make your eyes appealing. This technique is widely used to glam up the crease with a dark shade by blending or shadowing your eyes. Blend out and up to stretch your eyes and add shape. Some of the best colours for your crease are bronze, burgundy, black, deep brown, and various other dark shades. You can also add more bling and drama with a line of glitter.


      1. Cat Eye Makeup

It is another bridal eye makeup trend, especially for small eyes. The shadow and liner are shaded and drawn in extended shape to go beyond the eyes, stopping precisely at the end of eyebrows. It makes your eyes appear sharp and appealing.


      1. 3D Makeup

It both highlights and contours to make your eyes look elongated. Add a pop of metallics while shading the crease to the centre of the eyelid to highlight your eyes. Shade the inner corners with pencil highlighter or glitter. A beige or nude eyeliner can do wonder to line up the lower waterline.


      1. Eyeliner

Eyeliners can either make or break the appearance. Don’t apply thick lines on upper lids. Instead, create a neat and long line in a wing. You can also go for lower lids while skipping inner corners. Eyeliner shouldn’t cross the eyebrow’s length. If possible, prefer waterproof eyeliners.


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