Bridal Mehndi Designs

Some Trending Mehndi Designs you’ll Love this Wedding Season

If your marriage is around the corner, you may have come across some fantastic mehndi designs in your research. These days, brides add all trendy elements like hashtags, wedding vows, and their first date to their mehndi designs. We have curated some of the unique bridal mehndi designs you may consider when you visit parlour near me.

  1. Minimalistic Design

At No. 1 is the hottest trend in Indian weddings. If you are inspired by Anushka Sharma’s wedding and wearing natural makeup and simple lehengas, this mehndi design is the perfect pick for you. Minimal designs are the first choice for hundreds and thousands of brides these days.


  1. Arabic Mehndi Designs

Many women are confused between traditional and Arabic mehndi designs. Basically, Arabic designs consist of flowers and leaves as motifs, and most of the area remains open. Patterns are also designed with some distance in between. Many brides go for Arabic design as it looks something beyond traditional henna designs.


  1. Hashtags and Couple’s Initials

Hashtags are really a cool trend to add some pizzazz to your Instagram posts on your Mehndi ceremony or a wedding event. If you have space in your arm, you can add a long hashtag or your finger. If you don’t have enough space, you can rather add initials and go simple.


  1. Parrots and Lotus Motifs

Arabic mehndi designs may have leaves, flowers, birds, lotus, and parrots motifs known as the best elements many brides prefer these days. Parrots and lotus look beautiful in this pattern. 


  1. Add some drama

These days, couples always want to add their personal touches to their weddings to flaunt their creativity. Gone are the days when girls just had a small initial of their partner in their Mehndi. Modern brides add their love stories in their Mehndi and lehengas.


You can add the city’s skyline where he proposed to you or where you had your first date on your palms, some artwork, or his favourite song in the design.


Bottom Line

Choose the best Mehndi artist in your town and share your Mehendi design for some inspiration. We hope you liked the above designs if you were looking for some ‘Hatke’ factors in your henna. 


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