Makeup Ideas for a Wedding Guest

Best Makeup Ideas for a Wedding Guest in Marriage

Want to look picture-perfect in a family wedding? It is not going to be easy for you to find the best makeup as a wedding guest. No doubt, you want to look gorgeous in your photos and the event itself, but you also don’t want to outshine the bride.

Though the focus always remains on the couple, who doesn’t want to get a little makeover to be photo-ready on a big event? We have listed some tips for a wedding guest’s makeup to celebrate this wedding season.

Lip Color

Play with a beautiful pink or peach shade to make a statement if you don’t want to overshadow her with a dark lip color. Also, carry it in your clutch for some touch-ups at the wedding.


Put on some glitz without using any flashy accessories. Get a high shine with neutral shades for your lips and skin and make your eyes stand out.


A sunkissed look always does the magic, especially if you don’t like the full-on glam. Apply a bronzer with some shimmer to warm up the complexion.

Balance it out

Focus only on one area like your lips or eyes because balance means a lot in wedding makeup. Choose lip color on only one spot. Simple black eyeliner works well with a pop of pink or purple shadow works best with a neutral shade on your lips.

Add drama with Eyeliner

ALet the bride go with intense and dark eye makeup. It’s her day. Rather, you choose bold eyeliner to transform your face without adding a lot of highlights. Go with a pair of natural falsies to complement the look.


Bold isn’t always perfect. You can still play with colors in your loops. Go with pastel hues to paint your lids rather than bright red and neon colors. You can choose lilac and soft pink this wedding season.

Balance it out with an Outfit

When all the makeup is done at a beauty parlour near me, try and balance it with what you are wearing. The sunkissed neutral look can go well with a colorful dress. Pick up the pace with fun pink blush or glam eye-shadow if your outfit is simple.


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