Bridal Nail Art Ideas

Top 5 Bridal Nail Art Designs to Glam Up Your Attire

Indian weddings are full of planning and things to do. For example, you have to select your venue, finalize the guests, pick up the bridal dress, book a hairstylist and makeup artist from the best salon in Bangalore, and follow a harsh skincare and beauty regimen. After doing all these things up, you often forget a relieving spa treatment to pamper yourself. To complement your look, get a nice manicure with perfect nail art.

You can customize a beautiful nail art for yourself and match it with your attire. When it comes to getting imaginative nails, the sky is the limit because there are so many options available. Consider gold-traced tips, stylish glitter nails, mini floral looks, and even OTT adorned staples that can quickly get you the fantastic looks you desire.

There are so many bridal nail art options available that are tailored for all styles. We have listed some of the stunning bridal nail art designs to keep things easier for you. Read on to get some swanky nail inspiration.


  1. Go Traditional

There is still no match of metallic gold and stunning reds to make your nails head-turners. Besides, these hues can easily match your ensemble. You may also like some sparkly designs like vivid stones or small crystals to add an oomph factor. More is always less. Pick embellished and dazzling nails to make D-day more sparkling for you.


  1. Adorn Minimalistic Designs

Don’t you like the bejeweled looks? You might like the old-school French manicure. Consider some sparkling elements like some brush strokes or sprinkles to add some pizzazz to the bridal look.


  1. Get the Edgy Bridal Look

If you can’t get away without playing with new styles and designs all day, it’s always great to opt for the cool nail art designs. Opt for some sensible wedding nail art options. You may go for something sparkly, bold, and beautiful, which exudes what’s going on in your mind. These designs can be tailored as per your taste. For example, tattoo-styled nails can be picture-worthy art. 


  1. Be the Princess

For the Princess Bride like you, a combo of glittery gold and pastel pink can go well with your dreamy outfit. It is perfect if you are done with soft pastels and sheer tulles.


  1. For a Subtle Wedding Outfit

If you want to dazzle up in a subtle outfit, shimmery nail art can be your best bet. A manicurist can coat your metallic gold paint with full of glitter.


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